Australian Standard Pallets

Major warehouse operations depend on standard pallets to prevent damaging goods during storage or when moving or loading items. The simplest way to store, stack, or move consumer goods is using a forklift and standard pallets.

Australian standard pallets have a specific dimension of 1,165 mm by 1,165 mm. This size makes them slightly larger than the international ISO standard panel used in the rest of the world. Australian companies that target the local and international markets for growth must have the flexibility to switch seamlessly between the local and ISO pallets, depending on their clients’ needs.

A pallet, a flat wooden or plastic platform, supports products and keeps them stable during transportation.

Customised Solutions

Waterstone Holdings can supply standard pallets in and around Melbourne based on your requirements. Contact us about the type of goods you want to transport, and we’ll custom manufacture your pallet.

Quality Standards

Pallets must be robust to prevent failing during transport or storage. Regular repair and maintenance are essential to keep pallets in good condition for their lifespan to withstand the rigours of constant reuse. When quoting your job requirements, Waterstone Holdings will provide the best pallet product for your desired use.

Optimise Your Supply Chain

Companies importing goods into Australia must repack the products onto standard pallets as they tend to arrive on ISO pallets. If you want to streamline your logistics and supply chain, we will help you cut your handling costs dramatically while boosting your profits. We can do this by stocking your high-volume use, standard pallets. 

Ensure smooth sailing when exporting goods or limit the chance of product damage during local transport with the range of standard pallets in Melbourne from Waterstone Holdings.

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