"Why 'settle' when you can have exactly what you want?"

Waterstone Holdings, custom pallets, standard pallets and more

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"What we don't know about pallets is not worth knowing."

We love making pallets

Yep! 40 years on and we're still loving it

Custom pallets are our specialty

Functional solutions for extraordinary requirements

Quality export grade pallets

Manufactured to ISPM 15 Standard

On site heat treatment facilities

We can even treat your existing pallets

Waterstone holdings is know for


Commitment to competitive
and fair pricing

Reliability and prompt delivery;

Quality products, successful outcomes;

Friendly service and free
no obligation quotes.

Specific packaging needs, let Waterstone holdings help


Scalloped or grooved bearers?
Chocks or wedges to order?
Have an extraordinary product shape?
Ask us, we will find a solution!

And... with our new onsite heat
treatment facilities any pallet we
produce can be export certified.

Our Facilites


New full service factory and
workshop with onsite storage located
in the heart of Dandenong South
near major arterials.

"We are waiting for you to ask how we can help with your packaging."
Waterstone Holdings, custom pallets, standard pallets and more

"Talk to us about turning the heat up on your pallets."

Standard Pallets


Light weight to heavy duty.
Standard size: 1165 x 1165.
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Custom Pallets


Do you need well priced made to order pallets, why not let us supply exactly what you want.
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Crates and Cases


Tell us what you need to package and we will do the rest.
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Heat Treament


Need your existing pallets ISPM 15 certified for export?
We can heat treat most pallets and boxes to ISPM 15 standard ready for export! .
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Packaging Needs


Do your products need a little something to help it travel safe, we have the answers.
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Onsite Storage


Need pallets in a hurry, we can store your standard pallets ready to deliver.
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"What we don't know about pallets is not worth knowing."


Problems we have solved.


The client sends their product overseas on export certified pallets only to reach the destination, mould ridden and unusable, with instances of the replacement product suffering the same problem.

As a result the client was on the verge
of losing a million dollar contract.


Moldy pallets problem

By offering the client pallets constructed with the correct materials and packaging we were able to offer a solution for the mould and moisture retention problem in the pallets. By applying Waterstone's industry leading knowledge to the problem, we were able to save the clients contract and secure the on going relationship with the client and their customer.


The client came to us with a 'larger than normal' proposition. Display cases - but not just any display cases, they had to BIG display cases to house a set of rather large pieces of equipment in an assortment of sizes and shapes.

The client wanted us to create reusable boxes, fit for displaying these products at an exhibition. These boxes needed to be durable, easy to use and still have a professional finish.


Large products pakaging problem

Waterstone Holdings has years of experience in creating custom made case's, crates and hinged boxes. Through one on one consultation with the client we were able to provide an affordable, custom made solution that fit their product like a glove, and allowed easy setup and removal. The solution was also sturdy enough to weather repeated transportation and cushion the product while in transit.


A large multi national company came to us with a common complaint.

Their current pallet supplier could not maintain supply of the required quality of their non standard, bulky pallets, nor offer storage space to buffer their demand and as a result were suffering productivity and shipment delays.

This was causing deliveries to be delayed by up to two weeks and resulted in unsustainable costs for the client.


Maintian supply problem.

Waterstone Holdings worked with the client to discover their product demands and requirements.

With thorough consultation and Waterstone Holding's industry knowledge, we were able to meet quality and production demands and provide a competitive quote for their requirements.

Our personalised sevice has allowed us to assess and maintain a stock level of their pallets onsite and provide a maximum 24-hour turnaround to fulfill their orders. More often than not we are able to provide a same-day service, not just meeting our clients expectations but exceeding them.

"Let Waterstone Holdings find your solution today!"

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